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Whatever your area of interest or skill set, we have a volunteer position for you. Individualsclick here to access our volunteer portal. There, you can see a description of each position by clicking on its name. Click “Volunteer For This Position” to sign up. Groups… keep reading.

We love to have people volunteer in groups. We welcome your school, church group, social club, business, extended family, neighborhood association, or garage band to form a team. Awesome Group Leaders, here are the steps to get your group started:

  1. Set up an account here by entering the required email, team password (designated by you) and other info.
  2. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with some instructions to log in. Log in here with the email and password you specified by selecting your group’s name from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on “Add/Remove Group Members” and then “Unassigned” under “Group Job” to specify the job/shift you want.
  4. Click this link to sign yourself up for the group. Depending on your browser, there may not be a “Submit” button, so just press enter. You will see a confirmation page once you have registered. 
  5. Once you have signed up for your team, send this link to group members so they can sign up too. From the drop down menu, they will choose your group name and then enter the password you have chosen for the team to sign in and sign up. Please let them know there may not be a submit button, depending upon the browser they are using, in which case they will simply press enter. If they’ve registered successfully, they will see a confirmation page. 

All volunteers will be provided with a Gran Fondo t-shirt, an invitation to the Finish Line Pasta Party, an entry into a prize raffle, and the guarantee of a great time! If you have questions or wish to be involved in a greater capacity before or during the event, please email rebecca.pizzitola@gmail.com