History of Giro d’Italia

More than a 100 years of tradition
Giro d’Italia is the essence of cycling. Since a century ago, cycling fans from all around the world wait an entire year for Giro in order to experience its great and unique emotions one more time.

Giro starts in Denmark. Ryder Hesjedal becomes the first Giro Canadian winner

Celebrating 150 years of Italian Unity, the race begins in Turin once again. Michele Scarponi, an Italian cyclist, is the winner

Big start from Amsterdam, Apoteosis in Verona

The Centennial Giro d’Italia goes from Venice to Rome. Dennis Menchov, a Russian cyclist, wins the race

Giro, in memory of the 50th anniversary of the “Marcinelle disaster”, starts in Belgium. Ivan Basso, Italian cyclist, wins his first Giro

Creation of Giro d’Italia website. Gilberto Simoni, Italian cyclist, wins his second Giro

With stages in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Italy, Giro celebrates the creation of the Euro currency. Paolo Salvodelli, Italian cyclist, wins the first of his two titels

Giro d’Italia is broadcasted for the first time on African televisions. Ivan Gotti, Italian cyclist, is the winner

Starting in Athens, Giro celebrates the 100th anniversary of La Gazzetta dello Sport, as well as the 100th anniversary of the modern era Olympic Games. Pavel Tonkov, Russian cyclist, is the winner

Giro starts in Genoa, and celebrates the 500th anniversary of the America discovery. Miguel Indurain, Spanish cyclist, wins the first of his two consecutive titles

Andy Hampsten, American, becomes the first non-European cyclist to win the Giro

Francesco Moser, Italian cyclist, wins Giro. Gianna-Motta-Linea MD is the first American team to ever take part in a Grand Tour. The team is directed by Robin Morton, the first female managing a professional team

Starting in Turin, Giro celebrates the 100th anniversary of Italian Unity. Arnaldo Pambianco, Italian, is the winner

For the first time Giro d’Italia is broadcasted live by RAI TV. Carlo Clerici, Italian, wins the race

Hugo Koblet, Swedish cyclist, is the first non-Italian Giro winner

Gino Bartali, Italian, wins his third title in the first Giro following the Second World War. In fact, the race was not held between 1941 – 1945. Joseph Magnani becomes the first American to participate at Giro

Fausto Coppi wins his first Giro d’Italia, a few hours before war is declared in France

Alfredo Binda, Italian, becomes the first cyclist to win Giro for 5 times

The Maglia Rosa (pink jersey) is introduced to the race as the leader jersey. The color matches the pink pages of La Gazzetta dello Sport. Learco Guerra, Italian, is the first one to wear Maglia Rossa. Francesco Camusso, Italian, is the Giro winner.

Alfonsina Strada is the first and only female to ever take part to Giro d’Italia. Giuseppe Enrici, Italian, is the winner

Giro crosses a border into a foreign country for the first time. Gaetano Belloni, Italian, is the winner

La Gazzetta dello Sport organizes the first Giro d’Italia. Luigi Ganna, Italian is the winner